Backup vaults - Amazon Backup
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Backup vaults


Starting August 9, 2023, Amazon Backup is offering a preview to use a logically air-gapped vault. To enroll in this preview, send a request via email to .

Features may change or be adjusted during and after the preview period. When the service becomes Generally Available (GA), the data and configurations provided during the preview will no longer be available. Amazon recommends using test data instead of production data with the preview.

In Amazon Backup, a backup vault is a container that stores and organizes your backups.

When creating a backup vault, you must specify the Amazon Key Management Service (Amazon KMS) encryption key that encrypts some of the backups placed in this vault. Encryption for other backups is managed by their source Amazon services. For more information about encryption, see the chart in Encryption for backups in Amazon.

Your account will always have a default backup vault. If you require different encryption keys or access policies for different groups of backups, you can create multiple backup vaults.

This section provides an overview of how to manage your backup vaults in Amazon Backup.