Viewing audit reports - Amazon Backup
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Viewing audit reports

You can open, view, and analyze Amazon Backup Audit Manager reports using the programs that you ordinarily use to work with CSV or JSON files. Note that reports for multiple regions or multiple accounts are only available in CSV format.

Large files are broken up into multiple reports if the total file size exceeds 50 MB. If the resulting files are over 50 MB, Amazon Backup Audit Manager will create additional CSV files with the remainder of the report.

To view a report
  1. Open the Amazon Backup console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Reports.

  3. Under Report plan name, select a report plan by choosing its name.

  4. Under Report jobs, click on the report link to view the report.

  5. If your report's Report status has a dotted underline, choose it for information about your report.

  6. Choose which report to view by its Completion time.

  7. Choose the S3 link. This opens your destination S3 bucket.

  8. Under Name, choose the name of the report that you want to view.

  9. To save the report to your computer, choose Download.