Amazon Developer Tools - Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in China
Services or capabilities described in Amazon Web Services documentation might vary by Region. To see the differences applicable to the China Regions, see Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in China (PDF).

Amazon Developer Tools

Amazon Web Services in China can be accessed programmatically using the Amazon SDKs, the Amazon Command Line Interface (CLI), and other Amazon developer tools. The developer tools are designed to help you build and manage your Amazon Web Services in China applications.


Currently, the Amazon developer tools are available only in English.

Amazon SDKs

The Amazon SDKs make it easy to work with Amazon APIs in your preferred programming language or platform. The SDKs include sample code, libraries, documentation, templates, sample applications, and other developer tools related to your technology of choice.

To download the Amazon SDKs, go to Tools for Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Command Line Tools

Amazon Web Services offers the Amazon Command Line Interface (CLI), a single tool for controlling and managing multiple Amazon services. For those who script in the Windows PowerShell environment, Amazon Web Services also offers the Amazon Tools for Windows PowerShell.

To download the Amazon CLI or the PowerShell tools, go to Tools for Amazon Web Services.

Before the introduction of the Amazon CLI, service-specific CLI tools were available. Some of the prior, service-specific CLIs are available in the China Regions. If a service-specific CLI is available, it can be downloaded from the appropriate service page. The service pages can be found at Documentation by Service.

IDE Toolkits

Amazon Toolkits are extensions that integrate Amazon Cloud services, resources, and features with a variety of developer environments. These environments include Visual Studio, VS Code, and Azure DevOps. There are also Toolkit extensions available for the JetBrains suite of integrated development environments, including Rider, PyCharm, and DataGrip. You can use these integrations to manage your Amazon Cloud resources and features for Amazon S3, Amazon ECS, Amazon CloudFormation, Amazon Lambda, and Amazon App Runner services—without having to leave your development environment. You can install most toolkit extensions from an IDE’s built-in extension browser, reducing the time and attention required for setup. With an intuitive GUI layout, unique features designed to address each IDE’s capabilities, and regular releases of new features—Toolkits minimize interruptions to your workflow and maximize the efficiency of your favorite IDEs.