Service-linked channels - Amazon CloudTrail
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Service-linked channels

Amazon services can create a service-linked channel to receive CloudTrail events on your behalf. The Amazon service creating the service-linked channel configures advanced event selectors for the channel and specifies whether the channel applies to all Amazon Web Services Regions, or a single Amazon Web Services Region.

Viewing service-linked channels by using the console

Using the CloudTrail console, you can view information about any CloudTrail service-linked channels created by Amazon services. The table is empty if your account does not have any service-linked channels.

Use the following procedure to view information about a service-linked channel.

  1. Choose Settings in the left navigation pane of the CloudTrail console.

  2. From Service-linked channels, choose a service-linked channel to view its details.

  3. On the details page, review the configured settings for the service-linked channel.

    You can view the following information on the details page.

    • Channel name - The full name of the channel. The channel name format is aws-service-channel/Amazon_service_name/slc where Amazon_service_name represents the name of the Amazon service that manages the channel.

    • Channel ARN - The ARN of the channel, which you can use in a API request to get details about the channel.

    • All regions - The value is Yes if the channel is configured for all Amazon Web Services Regions.

    • Amazon service - The name of the Amazon service managing the channel.

    • Management events - Shows any management events configured for the channel.

    • Data events - Shows any data events configured for the channel.