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Create an integration with an event source outside of Amazon

You can use CloudTrail to log and store user activity data from any source in your hybrid environments, such as in-house or SaaS applications hosted on-premises or in the cloud, virtual machines, or containers. You can store, access, analyze, troubleshoot and take action on this data without maintaining multiple log aggregators and reporting tools.

Activity events from non-Amazon sources work by using channels to bring events into CloudTrail Lake from external partners that work with CloudTrail, or from your own sources. When you create a channel, you choose one or more event data stores to store events that arrive from the channel source. You can change the destination event data stores for a channel as needed, as long as the destination event data stores are set to log eventCategory="ActivityAuditLog" events. When you create a channel for events from an external partner, you provide a channel ARN to the partner or source application. The resource policy attached to the channel allows the source to transmit events through the channel. If a channel does not have a resource policy, only the channel owner can call the PutAuditEvents API on the channel.

CloudTrail has partnered with many event source providers, such as Okta and LaunchDarkly. When you create an integration with an event source outside Amazon, you can choose one of these partners as your event source, or choose My custom integration to integrate events from your own sources into CloudTrail. A maximum of one channel is allowed per source.

There are two types of integrations: direct and solution. With direct integrations, the partner calls the PutAuditEvents API to deliver events to the event data store for your Amazon account. With solution integrations, the application runs in your Amazon account and the application calls the PutAuditEvents API to deliver events to the event data store for your Amazon account.

From the Integrations page, you can choose the Available sources tab to the view the Integration type for partners.

To get started, create an integration to log events from partner or other application sources using the CloudTrail console.

Additional information about integration partners

The table in this section provides the source name for each integration partner and identifies the integration type (direct or solution).

The information in the Source name column is required when calling the CreateChannel API. You specify the source name as the value for the Source parameter.

Partner name (console) Source name (API) Integration type
My custom integration Custom solution
Cloud Storage Security CloudStorageSecurityConsole solution
Clumio Clumio direct
CrowdStrike CrowdStrike solution
CyberArk CyberArk solution
GitHub GitHub solution
Kong Inc KongGatewayEnterprise solution
LaunchDarkly LaunchDarkly direct
Netskope NetskopeCloudExchange solution
Nordcloud, an IBM Company IBMMulticloud direct
MontyCloud MontyCloud direct
Okta OktaSystemLogEvents solution
One Identity OneLogin solution Shoreline solution Snyk direct
Wiz WizAuditLogs solution

View partner documentation

You can learn more about a partner's integration with CloudTrail Lake by viewing their documentation.

To view partner documentation

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the CloudTrail console at

  2. From the navigation pane, under Lake, choose Integrations.

  3. From the Integrations page, choose Available sources, then choose Learn more for the partner whose documentation you want to view.