Configuring Unified Settings - Amazon Web Services Management Console
Services or capabilities described in Amazon Web Services documentation might vary by Region. To see the differences applicable to the China Regions, see Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in China.

Configuring Unified Settings

You can configure settings and defaults, such as display language and Region, from the Amazon Web Services Management Console. These changes apply to all service consoles.

To access Unified Settings

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console.

  2. In the navigation bar, choose your account name.

  3. Choose Settings to open the Unified Settings page.

                        Account menu with the Settings option highlighted
  4. Choose Edit next to your preferred settings:

    • Localization and default Region:

      • Default language lets you select the default language for console text.

      • Default Region lets you select a default Region that applies each time you log in. You can select any of the available Regions for your account. You can also select the last used Region as your default.

        To learn more about Region routing in the Amazon Web Services Management Console, see Choosing a Region.

    • Display:

      • Favorite bar display toggles the Favorites bar display between the full service name with its icon or only the service's icon.

  5. Choose Save changes.


To ensure that your settings, favorite services, and recently visited services persist globally, this data is stored in all Amazon Web Services Regions, including Regions that are disabled by default. These Regions are Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Europe (Milan), and Middle East (Bahrain). You still need to manually enable a Region to access it and then create and manage resources in that Region. If you don't want to store this data in all Amazon Web Services Regions, remove services from the list of Favorites and choose Cancel to cancel your changes to the Unified Settings.