Authorize a Slack workspace - Amazon Web Services Support
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Authorize a Slack workspace

After you authorize your workspace and give the Amazon Web Services Support App permission to access it, you then need an Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) role for your Amazon Web Services account. The Amazon Web Services Support App uses this role to call API operations from Amazon Web Services Support and Service Quotas for you. For example, the Amazon Web Services Support App uses the role to call the CreateCase operation to create a support case for you in Slack.

  • The Slack channel inherits permissions from the IAM role. This means that any user in the Slack channel has the same permissions that are specified in the IAM policy that is attached to the role.

    For example, if your IAM policy allows the role to have full read and write permissions to your support cases, anyone in your Slack channel can create, update, and resolve your support cases. If your IAM policy allows the role read-only permissions, then users in your Slack channel only have read permissions to your support cases.

  • We recommend that you add the Slack workspaces and channels that you need to manage your support operations. We recommend that you configure private channels and only invite required users.

You must authorize each Slack workspace that you want to use for your Amazon Web Services account. If you have multiple Amazon Web Services accounts, you must sign in to each account and repeat the following procedure to authorize the workspace. If your account belongs to an organization in Amazon Organizations and you want to authorize multiple accounts, skip to Authorize multiple accounts.

To authorize the Slack workspace for your Amazon Web Services account
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Support Center Console and choose Slack configuration.

  2. On the Getting started page, choose Authorize workspace.

  3. If you're not already signed in to Slack, on the Sign in to your workspace page, enter your workspace name, and then choose Continue.

  4. On the Amazon Web Services Support is requesting permission to access the your-workspace-name Slack page, choose Allow.


    If you can't allow Slack to access your workspace, make sure that you have permissions from your Slack administrator to add the Amazon Web Services Support App to the workspace. See Prerequisites.

    On the Slack configuration page, your workspace name appears under Workspaces.

  5. (Optional) To add more workspaces, choose Authorize workspace and repeat steps 3-4. You can add up to five workspaces to your account.

  6. (Optional) By default, your Amazon Web Services account ID number appears as the account name in your Slack channel. To change this value, under Account name, choose Edit, enter your account name, and then choose Save.


    Use a name that you and your team can easily recognize. The Amazon Web Services Support App uses this name to identify your account in the Slack channel. You can update this name at any time.

    Your workspace and account name appear on the Slack configuration page.

Authorize multiple accounts

To authorize multiple Amazon Web Services accounts to use Slack workspaces, you can use Amazon CloudFormation or Terraform to create your Amazon Web Services Support App resources.