Reopening a support case in Slack - Amazon Web Services Support
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Reopening a support case in Slack

After you resolve a support case, you can reopen the case from Slack.

To reopen a support case in Slack
  1. Find the support case to reopen in Slack. See Searching for support cases in Slack.

  2. Choose See details.

  3. Choose Reopen case.

  4. In the Reopen case dialog box, enter a brief description of the issue in the Message field.

  5. Choose Next.

  6. (Optional) Enter additional contacts.

  7. Choose Review.

  8. Review your case details, and then choose Send message. Your case reopens. If you requested a new live chat with a support agent, Slack uses the same chat channel as the one the one that was used for a previous live chat. If you requested a live chat and you haven't had one so far, a new chat channel opens.