EksPodProperties - Amazon Batch
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The properties for the pod.



The properties of the container that's used on the Amazon EKS pod.

Type: Array of EksContainer objects

Required: No


The DNS policy for the pod. The default value is ClusterFirst. If the hostNetwork parameter is not specified, the default is ClusterFirstWithHostNet. ClusterFirst indicates that any DNS query that does not match the configured cluster domain suffix is forwarded to the upstream nameserver inherited from the node. For more information, see Pod's DNS policy in the Kubernetes documentation.

Valid values: Default | ClusterFirst | ClusterFirstWithHostNet

Type: String

Required: No


Indicates if the pod uses the hosts' network IP address. The default value is true. Setting this to false enables the Kubernetes pod networking model. Most Amazon Batch workloads are egress-only and don't require the overhead of IP allocation for each pod for incoming connections. For more information, see Host namespaces and Pod networking in the Kubernetes documentation.

Type: Boolean

Required: No


Metadata about the Kubernetes pod. For more information, see Understanding Kubernetes Objects in the Kubernetes documentation.

Type: EksMetadata object

Required: No


The name of the service account that's used to run the pod. For more information, see Kubernetes service accounts and Configure a Kubernetes service account to assume an IAM role in the Amazon EKS User Guide and Configure service accounts for pods in the Kubernetes documentation.

Type: String

Required: No


Specifies the volumes for a job definition that uses Amazon EKS resources.

Type: Array of EksVolume objects

Required: No

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