TaskContainerOverrides - Amazon Batch
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The overrides that should be sent to a container.

For information about using Amazon Batch overrides when you connect event sources to targets, see BatchContainerOverrides.



The command to send to the container that overrides the default command from the Docker image or the job definition.


This parameter can't contain an empty string.

Type: Array of strings

Required: No


The environment variables to send to the container. You can add new environment variables, which are added to the container at launch, or you can override the existing environment variables from the Docker image or the job definition.


Environment variables cannot start with AWS_BATCH. This naming convention is reserved for variables that Amazon Batch sets.

Type: Array of KeyValuePair objects

Required: No


A pointer to the container that you want to override. The container's name provides a unique identifier for the container being used.

Type: String

Required: No


The type and amount of resources to assign to a container. This overrides the settings in the job definition. The supported resources include GPU, MEMORY, and VCPU.

Type: Array of ResourceRequirement objects

Required: No

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