EC2 Configurations - Amazon Batch
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EC2 Configurations

Amazon Batch uses Amazon ECS optimized AMIs for EC2 and EC2 Spot compute environments. The default is Amazon Linux 2 (ECS_AL2). Before March 31, 2021, this default was Amazon Linux (ECS_AL1) for non-GPU, non Amazon Graviton instances.


Amazon Batch also supports Amazon Linux 2023.

The Amazon Linux AMI (also called Amazon Linux 1) reached its end of life on December 31, 2023. Amazon Batch has ended support for Amazon Linux AMI as it will not receive any security updates or bug fixes starting January 1, 2024. For more information about the Amazon Linux end-of-life, see AL FAQ.

We recommend that you update existing Amazon Linux based compute environments to Amazon Linux 2023 to prevent unforeseen workload interruptions, and continue to receive security and other updates.

Your compute environments using the Amazon Linux AMI may continue functioning beyond the December 31, 2023 end-of-life date. However, these compute environments will no longer receive any new software updates, security patches, or bug fixes from Amazon. It is your responsibility to maintain these compute environments on the Amazon Linux AMI after end-of-life. We recommend migrating Amazon Batch compute environments to Amazon Linux 2023 or Amazon Linux 2 to maintain optimal performance and security.

For help migrating Amazon Batch from the Amazon Linux AMI to Amazon Linux 2023 or Amazon Linux 2, seeUpdating compute environments - Amazon Batch