Job queue template - Amazon Batch
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Job queue template

The following is an empty job queue template. You can use this template to create your job queue. You can then save this job queue to a file and use it with the Amazon CLI --cli-input-json option. For more information about these parameters, see CreateJobQueue in the Amazon Batch API Reference.

{ "computeEnvironmentOrder": [ { "computeEnvironment": "", "order": 0 } ], "jobQueueName": "", "jobStateTimeLimitActions": [ { "state": "RUNNABLE", "action": "CANCEL", "maxTimeSeconds": 0, "reason": "" } ], "priority": 0, "schedulingPolicyArn": "", "state": "ENABLED", "tags": { "KeyName": "" } }

You can generate the preceding job queue template with the following Amazon CLI command.

$ aws batch create-job-queue --generate-cli-skeleton