Job logs - Amazon Batch
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Job logs

You can configure your Amazon Batch jobs to send log information to CloudWatch Logs. This way, you can view different logs from your jobs in one convenient location. For more information, see Using CloudWatch Logs with Amazon Batch.

You can also use Job logs in the Amazon Batch console to monitor or troubleshoot an Amazon Batch job.

  1. Open the Amazon Batch console.

  2. Choose Jobs.

  3. For Job queue, choose the job queue that you want.


    If there are several jobs in the job queue, you can turn on Searching and filtering to find a job faster. For more information, see Search and filter Amazon Batch jobs.

  4. For Status, choose the job status that you want.

  5. Choose the job that you want.

  6. On the Details page, scroll down to Job Logs.

  7. Choose Retrieve logs.

  8. For Authorization required, enter OK, and then choose Authorize to accept Amazon CloudWatch charges.


    To revoke your authorization for CloudWatch charges:

    1. In the left navigation pane, choose Permissions.

    2. For Job logs, choose Edit.

    3. Clear the Authorize Batch to use CloudWatch check box.

    4. Choose Save changes.

  9. Review the log data for the Amazon Batch job.


    You can filter the log based on Keywords, Max results, and Sorting. You can also choose one of the default time intervals or create a custom interval to customize the results.