Search and filter Amazon Batch jobs - Amazon Batch
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Search and filter Amazon Batch jobs

You can list the jobs in a job queue using the Amazon Batch console. However, if there are many jobs in the job queue, it might be difficult to find a specific job.

You can use Searching and filtering to list jobs that match search criteria that you specify.

  1. Open the Amazon Batch console.

  2. Choose Jobs.

  3. Turn on Searching and filtering.


    If you have several jobs, this process might take a few minutes.

  4. In the Please select a job queue box, choose the job queue
 that you want to search.

  5. In the Filter resources by property or value box, choose one of the listed properties.

  6. Choose the operator that you want to use. For example, choose Status


    To use a different property or operator, close the current criteria. Then, choose the property and operator that you want.

  7. Enter or choose a property value. For example, enter all or part of a job name or choose Status = RUNNABLE.

  8. Choose the job that you want in the filtered list.


    If you don't see the job that you want, scroll the filtered list.