Deleting a resource - Cloud Control API
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Deleting a resource

Use the delete-resource command to delete an existing resource. You can delete the resource whether or not the resource was originally provisioned using Cloud Control API.


We strongly advise against using Cloud Control API to delete resources that are under active management by other services. Doing so can lead to unexpected results. For example, don't use Cloud Control API to delete resources that are currently part of an Amazon CloudFormation stack.

To update an existing resource, you must specify the resource's identifier. For more information about finding a resource's identifier, see Using a resource's primary identifier.

The follow example deletes an AWS::Logs::LogGroup resource with the name of CloudControlApiLogGroup.

$ aws cloudcontrol delete-resource \ --type-name AWS::Logs::LogGroup --identifier CloudControlApiLogGroup

Tracking the progress of a delete resource request

The delete-resource command returns a ProgressEvent object that you can use to track the current status of your resource operation request. For more information, see Tracking the progress of resource operation requests.