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Change a build project's settings (Amazon CLI)

For information about using the Amazon CLI with Amazon CodeBuild, see the Command line reference.

To update a CodeBuild project with the Amazon CLI, you create a JSON file with the updated properties and pass that file to the update-project command. Any properties not contained in the update file remain unchanged.

In the update JSON file, only the name property and the modified properties are required. The name property identifies the project to modify. For any modified structures, the required parameters for those structures must also be included. For example, to modify the environment for the project, the environment/type and environment/computeType properties are required. Here is an example that updates the environment image:

{ "name": "<project-name>", "environment": { "type": "LINUX_CONTAINER", "computeType": "BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL", "image": "aws/codebuild/amazonlinux2-x86_64-standard:4.0" } }

If you need to obtain the current property values for a project, use the batch-get-projects command to obtain the current properties of the project you are modifying, and write the output to a file.

aws codebuild batch-get-projects --names "<project-name>" > project-info.json

The project-info.json file contains an array of projects, so it cannot be used directly to update a project. You can, however, copy the properties that you want to modify from the project-info.json file and paste them into your update file as a baseline for the properties you want to modify. For more information, see View a build project's details (Amazon CLI).

Modify the update JSON file as described in Create a build project (Amazon CLI), and save your results. When you are finished modifying the update JSON file, run the update-project command, passing the update JSON file.

aws codebuild update-project --cli-input-json file://<update-project-file>

If successful, the updated project JSON appears in the output. If any required parameters are missing, an error message is displayed in the output that identifies the missing parameters. For example, this is the error message displayed if the environment/type parameter is missing:

aws codebuild update-project --cli-input-json file://update-project.json Parameter validation failed: Missing required parameter in environment: "type"