Cross-service samples for CodeBuild - Amazon CodeBuild
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Cross-service samples for CodeBuild

You can use these cross-service samples to experiment with Amazon CodeBuild:

Amazon ECR sample

Uses a Docker image in an Amazon ECR repository to use Apache Maven to produce a single JAR file.

Amazon EFS sample

Shows how to configure a buildspec file so that a CodeBuild project mounts and builds on an Amazon EFS file system.

Amazon CodePipeline samples

Shows how to use Amazon CodePipeline to create a build with batch builds as well as multiple input sources and multiple output artifacts.

Amazon Config sample

Shows how to set up Amazon Config. Lists which CodeBuild resources are tracked and describes how to look up CodeBuild projects in Amazon Config.

Build notifications sample

Uses Apache Maven to produce a single JAR file. Sends a build notification to subscribers of an Amazon SNS topic.