Getting started with Amazon CodeBuild using the Amazon CLI - Amazon CodeBuild
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Getting started with Amazon CodeBuild using the Amazon CLI

In this tutorial, you use Amazon CodeBuild to build a collection of sample source code input files (called build input artifacts or build input) into a deployable version of the source code (called build output artifact or build output). Specifically, you instruct CodeBuild to use Apache Maven, a common build tool, to build a set of Java class files into a Java Archive (JAR) file. You do not need to be familiar with Apache Maven or Java to complete this tutorial.

You can work with CodeBuild through the CodeBuild console, Amazon CodePipeline, the Amazon CLI, or the Amazon SDKs. This tutorial demonstrates how to use CodeBuild with the Amazon CLI. For information about using CodePipeline, see Use CodePipeline with CodeBuild. For information about using the Amazon SDKs, see Run CodeBuild directly.


The steps in this tutorial require you to create resources (for example, an S3 bucket) that might result in charges to your Amazon account. These include possible charges for CodeBuild and for Amazon resources and actions related to Amazon S3, Amazon KMS, and CloudWatch Logs. For more information, see CodeBuild pricing, Amazon S3 pricing, Amazon Key Management Service pricing, and Amazon CloudWatch pricing.