Step 7: View summarized build information - Amazon CodeBuild
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Step 7: View summarized build information

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In this step, you view summarized information about the status of your build.

To view summarized build information

  1. If the codebuild-demo-project:<build-ID> page is not displayed, in the navigation bar, choose Build history. Next, in the list of build projects, for Project, choose the Build run link for codebuild-demo-project. There should be only one matching link. (If you have completed this tutorial before, choose the link with the most recent value in the Completed column.)

  2. On the Build status page, in Phase details, the following build phases should be displayed, with Succeeded in the Status column:


    • QUEUED





    • BUILD





    In Build Status, Succeeded should be displayed.

    If you see In Progress instead, choose the refresh button.

  3. Next to each build phase, the Duration value indicates how long the build phase lasted. The End time value indicates when that build phase ended.

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