Remove a tag from a project - Amazon CodeBuild
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Remove a tag from a project

You can remove one or more tags associated with a project. Removing a tag does not delete the tag from other Amazon resources that are associated with that tag.


Removing tags for a project can impact access to that project. Before you remove a tag from a project, make sure to review any IAM policies that might use the key or value for a tag to control access to resources such as build projects. For examples of tag-based access policies, see Using tags to control access to Amazon CodeBuild resources.

Remove a tag from a project (console)

You can use the CodeBuild console to remove the association between a tag and a CodeBuild project.

  1. Open the CodeBuild console at

  2. In Build projects, choose the name of the project where you want to remove tags.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Settings. Choose Build project tags.

  4. Choose Edit.

  5. Find the tag you want to remove, and then choose Remove tag.

  6. When you have finished removing tags, choose Submit.

Remove a tag from a project (Amazon CLI)

To delete one or more tags from a build project, see Change a build project's settings (Amazon CLI). Update the tags section in the JSON-formatted data with an updated list of tags that does not contain the ones you want to delete. If you want to delete all tags, update the tags section to:

"tags: []"

If you delete a CodeBuild build project, all tag associations are removed from the deleted build project. You do not have to remove tags before you delete a build project.