View tags for a project - Amazon CodeBuild
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View tags for a project

Tags can help you identify and organize your Amazon resources and manage access to them. For more information about using tags, see the Tagging best practices whitepaper. For examples of tag-based access policies, see Using tags to control access to Amazon CodeBuild resources.

View tags for a project (console)

You can use the CodeBuild console to view the tags associated with a CodeBuild project.

  1. Open the CodeBuild console at

  2. In Build projects, choose the name of the project where you want to view tags.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Settings. Choose Build project tags.

View tags for a project (Amazon CLI)

To view tags for a build project, run the following command. Use the name of your project for the --names parameter.

aws codebuild batch-get-projects --names your-project-name

If successful, this command returns JSON-formatted information about your build project that includes something like the following:

{ "tags": { "Status": "Secret", "Team": "JanesProject" } }

If the project does not have tags, the tags section is empty:

"tags": []