Update a report group - Amazon CodeBuild
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Update a report group

When you update a report group, you can specify information about whether to export the raw test result data to files in an Amazon S3 bucket. If you choose to export to an S3 bucket, you can specify the following for your report group:

  • Whether the raw test results files are compressed in a ZIP file.

  • Whether the raw test result files are encrypted. You can specify encryption with one of the following:

    • An Amazon managed key for Amazon S3.

    • A customer managed key that you create and configure.

For more information, see Data encryption.

If you use the Amazon CLI to update a report group, you can also update or add tags. For more information, see Tagging report groups in Amazon CodeBuild.


The CodeBuild service role specified in the project is used for permissions to upload to the S3 bucket.