Set up test reporting with pytest - Amazon CodeBuild
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Set up test reporting with pytest

The following procedure demonstrates how to set up test reporting in Amazon CodeBuild with the pytest testing framework.

The procedure requires the following prerequisites:

  • You have an existing CodeBuild project.

  • Your project is a Python project that is set up to use the pytest testing framework.

Add the following entry to either the build or post_build phase of your buildspec.yml file. This code automatically discovers tests in the current directory and exports the test reports to the file specified by <test report directory>/<report filename>. The report uses the JunitXml format.

- python -m pytest --junitxml=<test report directory>/<report filename>

In your buildspec.yml file, add/update the following sections.

version: 0.2 phases: install: runtime-versions: python: 3.7 commands: - pip3 install pytest build: commands: - python -m pytest --junitxml=<test report directory>/<report filename> reports: pytest_reports: files: - <report filename> base-directory: <test report directory> file-format: JUNITXML