Working with reports - Amazon CodeBuild
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Working with reports

A report contains the results of test cases that are specified for one report group. A test report is created during the run of a build project. You specify a report group, test case files, and commands to run the test cases in its buildspec file. Each time the test cases run, a new test report is created in the report group.

A test report expires 30 days after it is created. You cannot view an expired test report, but you can export the test results to raw test result files in an S3 bucket. Exported raw test files do not expire. For more information, see Update a report group.

The status of a test report can be one of the following:

  • GENERATING: The run of the test cases is still in progress.

  • DELETING: The test report is being deleted. When a test report is deleted, its test cases are also deleted. Raw test result data files exported to an S3 bucket are not deleted.

  • INCOMPLETE: The test report was not completed. This status might be returned for one of the following reasons:

    • A problem with the configuration of the report group that specifies this report's test cases. For example, the path to the test cases under the report group in the buildspec file might be incorrect.

    • The IAM user that ran the build does not have permissions to run tests. For more information, see Working with test report permissions.

    • The build was not completed because of an error that is not related to the tests.

  • SUCCEEDED: All test cases were successful.

  • FAILED: Some of the test cases were not successful.

Each test case returns a status. The status for a test case can be one of the following:

  • SUCCEEDED: The test case passed.

  • FAILED: The test case failed.

  • ERROR: The test case resulted in an unexpected error.

  • SKIPPED: The test case did not run.

  • UNKNOWN: The test case returned a status other than SUCCEEDED, FAILED, ERROR, or SKIPPED.

A test report can have a maximum of 500 test case results. If more than 500 test cases are run, CodeBuild prioritizes tests with the status FAILED and truncates the test case results.