Working with user preferences - Amazon CodeCommit
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Working with user preferences

You can use the Amazon CodeCommit console to configure some default settings. For example, you can change your preferences for viewing code changes either inline or in a split view. When you make a change to one of these settings, the Amazon CodeCommit console sets a cookie in your browser that stores and applies your choices every time you use the console. These preferences are applied to all repositories in all regions any time you access the Amazon CodeCommit console using that browser. These setting preferences are not repository-specific or region-specific. They do not have any effect on your interactions with the Amazon CLI, Amazon CodeCommit API, or other services that interact with Amazon CodeCommit.


User preference cookies are specific to a browser. If you clear the cookies from your browser, your preferences are cleared. Similarly, if you use a different browser to access a repository, that browser has no access to the other browser's cookies. Your preferences are not retained.

User preferences include:

  • When viewing changes in code, whether to use Unified or Split view, and whether to show or hide whitespace changes.

  • When viewing, editing, or authoring code, whether to use a light background or a dark background in the code editor window.

There is no one page for setting your preferences. Instead, wherever you change a preference in the console, such as how to view code changes, that change is saved and applied wherever appropriate.