Create an Amazon ECS Compute Platform deployment (CLI) - Amazon CodeDeploy
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Create an Amazon ECS Compute Platform deployment (CLI)

After you have created the application and revision (in Amazon ECS deployments, this is the AppSpec file):

Call the create-deployment command, specifying:

  • An application name. To view a list of application names, call the list-applications command.

  • A deployment group name. To view a list of deployment group names, call the list-deployment-groups command.

  • Information about the revision to be deployed:

    For revisions stored in Amazon S3:

    • The Amazon S3 bucket name that contains the revision.

    • The name of the uploaded revision.

    • (Optional) The Amazon S3 version identifier for the revision. (If the version identifier is not specified, CodeDeploy uses the most recent version.)

    • (Optional) The ETag for the revision. (If the ETag is not specified, CodeDeploy skips object validation.)

    For revisions stored in a file that is not in Amazon S3, you need the file name and its path. Your revision file is written using JSON or YAML, so it most likely has a .json or .yaml extension.

  • (Optional) A description for the deployment.

The revision file can be specified as a file uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket or as a string. The syntax for each when used as part of the create-deployment command is:

  • Amazon S3 bucket:

    The version and eTag are optional.

    --s3-location bucket=string,key=string,bundleType=JSON|YAML,version=string,eTag=string
  • String:

    --revision '{"revisionType": "String", "string": {"content":"revision-as-string"}}'

The create-deployment command can load a revision from a file. For more information, see Loading parameters from a file.

For Amazon Lambda deployment revision templates, see Add an AppSpec file for an Amazon Lambda deployment. For an example revision, see AppSpec File example for an Amazon Lambda deployment .

To track the status of your deployment, see View CodeDeploy deployment details .