Step 4: Update your AppSpec file - Amazon CodeDeploy
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Step 4: Update your AppSpec file

In this section, you update your AppSpec file with a Hooks section. In the Hooks section, you specify a Lambda function for the AfterAllowTestTraffic lifecycle hook.

To update your AppSpec file

  1. Open the AppSpec file file you created in Step 2: Create the AppSpec file of the Tutorial: Deploy an Amazon ECS service.

  2. Update the TaskDefinition property with the task definition ARN you noted in Step 2: Update your Amazon ECS application.

  3. Copy and paste the Hooks section into your AppSpec file file. Update the ARN after AfterAllowTestTraffic with the ARN of the Lambda function that you noted in Step 3: Create a lifecycle hook Lambda function.

    JSON AppSpec
    { "version": 0.0, "Resources": [ { "TargetService": { "Type": "AWS::ECS::Service", "Properties": { "TaskDefinition": "arn:aws:ecs:aws-region-id:aws-account-id::task-definition/ecs-demo-task-definition:revision-number", "LoadBalancerInfo": { "ContainerName": "sample-website", "ContainerPort": 80 } } } } ], "Hooks": [ { "AfterAllowTestTraffic": "arn:aws:lambda:aws-region-id:aws-account-id:function:AfterAllowTestTraffic" } ] }
    YAML AppSpec
    version: 0.0 Resources: - TargetService: Type: AWS::ECS::Service Properties: TaskDefinition: "arn:aws:ecs:aws-region-id:aws-account-id::task-definition/ecs-demo-task-definition:revision-number" LoadBalancerInfo: ContainerName: "sample-website" ContainerPort: 80 Hooks: - AfterAllowTestTraffic: "arn:aws:lambda:aws-region-id:aws-account-id:function:AfterAllowTestTraffic"
  4. Save your AppSpec file and upload to its S3 bucket.