Package the Amazon SAM application - Amazon CodeDeploy
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Package the Amazon SAM application

You should now have four files in your SAM-Tutorial directory:

  • beforeAllowTraffic.js

  • afterAllowTraffic.js

  • myDateTimeFunction.js

  • template.yml

You are now ready to use the Amazon SAM sam package command to create and package artifacts for your Lambda functions and CodeDeploy application. The artifacts are uploaded to an S3 bucket. The output of the command is a new file called package.yml. This file is used by the Amazon SAM sam deploy command in the next step.


For more information on the sam package command, see Amazon SAM CLI command reference in the Amazon Serverless Application Model Developer Guide.

In the SAM-Tutorial directory, run the following.

sam package \ --template-file template.yml \ --output-template-file package.yml \ --s3-bucket your-S3-bucket

For the s3-bucket parameter, specify the Amazon S3 bucket you created as a prerequisite for this tutorial. The output-template-file specifies the name of the new file that is used by the Amazon SAM sam deploy command.