LambdaFunctionUtilizationMetric - Amazon Compute Optimizer
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Describes a utilization metric of an Amazon Lambda function.



The name of the utilization metric.

The following utilization metrics are available:

  • Duration - The amount of time that your function code spends processing an event.

  • Memory - The amount of memory used per invocation.

Type: String

Valid Values: Duration | Memory

Required: No


The statistic of the utilization metric.

The Compute Optimizer API, Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI), and SDKs return utilization metrics using only the Maximum statistic, which is the highest value observed during the specified period.

The Compute Optimizer console displays graphs for some utilization metrics using the Average statistic, which is the value of Sum / SampleCount during the specified period. For more information, see Viewing resource recommendations in the Amazon Compute Optimizer User Guide. You can also get averaged utilization metric data for your resources using Amazon CloudWatch. For more information, see the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

Type: String

Valid Values: Maximum | Average

Required: No


The value of the utilization metric.

Type: Double

Required: No

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