RecommendationSummary - Amazon Compute Optimizer
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A summary of a recommendation.



The Amazon account ID of the recommendation summary.

Type: String

Required: No


An object that describes the performance risk ratings for a given resource type.

Type: CurrentPerformanceRiskRatings object

Required: No


An array of objects that describes the estimated monthly saving amounts for the instances running on the specified inferredWorkloadTypes. The array contains the top five savings opportunites for the instances that run inferred workload types.

Type: Array of InferredWorkloadSaving objects

Required: No


The resource type that the recommendation summary applies to.

Type: String

Valid Values: Ec2Instance | AutoScalingGroup | EbsVolume | LambdaFunction | EcsService | License

Required: No


An object that describes the savings opportunity for a given resource type. Savings opportunity includes the estimated monthly savings amount and percentage.

Type: SavingsOpportunity object

Required: No


An array of objects that describe a recommendation summary.

Type: Array of Summary objects

Required: No

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