Create a source location for Amazon DataSync - Amazon DataSync
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Create a source location for Amazon DataSync

A source location defines the storage system or service where you want Amazon DataSync to transfer data from.

The following instructions describe how to create a Network File System (NFS) file system as a source location.

If you want to create a different type of source location, see these topics:

To create an NFS location by using the console
  1. On the Configure source location page, choose one of the following:

    • Create a new location – Define a new location for DataSync.

    • Choose existing location – Select a location that you already created in your Amazon Web Services Region.

  2. For Location type, choose your NFS server.

  3. For Agents, choose the agent that will read your NFS server.

  4. For NFS Server, enter the IP address or domain name of your NFS server.

    An agent that's deployed on-premises uses this to mount the NFS server, which should allow full access to all files.

  5. For Mount path, enter a path that's exported by the NFS server or a subdirectory that can be mounted by other NFS clients in your network.

    DataSync uses this path to read data from your NFS server.

  6. Choose Next to create your destination location.