Deleting an Amazon DataSync agent - Amazon DataSync
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Deleting an Amazon DataSync agent

When you delete a DataSync agent, it's no longer associated with your Amazon Web Services account and can't be undone.


Deleting doesn't remove the agent's virtual machine (VM) from your environment. You can reuse the VM to create and activate a new agent.

To delete an agent
  1. Open the Amazon DataSync console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Agents.

  3. Choose the agent that you want to delete.

  4. Choose Delete, enter delete in the text box that appears, and then choose Delete.

To create and activate an agent on a VM or Amazon EC2 instance after deleting an agent
  1. Delete the old agent (see the preceding steps for instructions). Do not delete the VM or Amazon EC2 instance.

  2. Wait until the old agent is deleted and the VM is ready to be activated, usually about three minutes. Alternatively, you can verify that the agent has been deleted by checking the status of port 80. When the VM is ready to be activated, port 80 will be open.

  3. Create and activate a new DataSync agent on the existing VM or Amazon EC2 instance. For information about creating a DataSync agent, see Creating an Amazon DataSync agent. The new agent can be activated in a different Amazon Web Services Region, depending on network connectivity.