Monitoring Amazon DataSync events by using Amazon EventBridge - Amazon DataSync
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Monitoring Amazon DataSync events by using Amazon EventBridge

Amazon EventBridge events describe changes in DataSync resources. You can set up rules to match these events and route them to one or more target functions or streams. Events are emitted on a best-effort basis.

DataSync transfer events

The following EventBridge events are available for DataSync transfers.

Agent state changes
Event Description
Online The agent is configured properly and is available to use. This status is the normal running status for an agent.
Offline The agent's virtual machine (VM) is turned off, or the agent is in an unhealthy state and has been out of contact with the service for 5 minutes or longer. When the issue that caused the unhealthy state is resolved, the agent returns to ONLINE status.
Location state changes
Event Description
Adding DataSync is adding a location.
Available The location is created and is available to use.
Task state changes
Event Description
Available The task was created and is ready to start.
Running The task is in progress and functioning properly.
Unavailable The task isn't configured properly and can't be used. You might see this event when an agent associated with the task goes offline.
Queued Another task is running and using the same agent. DataSync runs tasks in series (first in, first out).
Task execution state changes
Event Description
Queueing Another task execution is running and using the same DataSync agent. For more information, see Running multiple tasks.
Launching DataSync is initializing the task execution. This status usually goes quickly but can take up to a few minutes.
Preparing DataSync is determining what data needs to transfer. This can take just minutes or a few hours depending on the number of files, objects, or directories in both locations.
Transferring DataSync is performing the actual data transfer.
Verifying DataSync is performing a data-integrity check at the end of the transfer.
Success The task execution succeeded.
Cancelling The task execution is in the process of being cancelled.
Error The task execution failed.

DataSync Discovery events

The following EventBridge events are available for DataSync Discovery.

Storage system state changes
Event Description
Storage System Connectivity Status Change The connection between your DataSync agent and your on-premises storage system changed. For details, see your CloudWatch logs.
Discovery job state changes
Event Description
Discovery Job State Change The status of your discovery job changed. For more information, see discovery job statuses.
Discovery Job Expiration Soon Your discovery job expires soon. This includes any information the discovery job collected about your on-premises storage system. Before the job expires, you can export collected data by using the DescribeStorageSystemResources and DescribeStorageSystemResourceMetrics operations.