Start your Amazon DataSync discovery job - Amazon DataSync
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Start your Amazon DataSync discovery job

Once you add an on-premises storage system, you can run a DataSync discovery job that collects information about it.

To start a discovery job by using the DataSync console
  1. In the console's left navigation pane, choose Discovery.

  2. Choose the storage system that you want to run the discovery job on.

  3. Choose Actions, then Start.

  4. For Duration, choose how long you want the discovery job to run.


    For more accurate recommendations, we recommend a duration of at least 14 days. Longer durations allow time to collect a sufficient number of data points and provide a realistic representation of storage performance and utilization.

  5. Choose Start discovery job.

    As the discovery job collects data, you start to see information in the console about your storage system's resources.

  6. Once your discovery job completes, do the following to get Amazon storage recommendations for your data:

    1. Choose the storage resource (for example, a volume) which you want recommendations on.

    2. If the storage resource has a Ready to generate recommendations status, choose the storage resource name.

    3. On the storage resource page, go to the Recommendations tab, and then choose Get recommendations.

      Once available, recommendations display on the same tab.

For more information, see Viewing storage resource information collected by Amazon DataSync Discovery and Getting recommendations from Amazon DataSync Discovery.