Discovering your storage with Amazon DataSync Discovery - Amazon DataSync
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Beginning December 7, 2023, we will discontinue version 1 DataSync agents. Check the Agents page on the DataSync console to see if you have affected agents. If you do, replace those agents before then to avoid data transfer or storage discovery disruptions. If you need more help, contact Amazon Web Services Support.

Discovering your storage with Amazon DataSync Discovery

Amazon DataSync Discovery helps you accelerate your migration to Amazon. With DataSync Discovery, you can do the following:

  • Understand how your on-premises storage is used – DataSync Discovery provides detailed reporting about your storage system resources, including utilization, capacity, and configuration information.

  • Get recommendations about migrating your data to Amazon – DataSync Discovery can suggest Amazon storage services (such as Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, Amazon EFS, and Amazon FSx for Windows File Server) for your data. Recommendations include a cost estimate and help you understand how to configure a suggested storage service. When you're ready, you can then use DataSync to migrate your data to Amazon.