Saving a screenshot - NICE DCV
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Saving a screenshot

You can use NICE DCV to save a screenshot of the NICE DCV session. This functionality is available on the Windows, web browser, Linux, and macOS clients. The steps for saving a screenshot are similar on all clients.

You must be authorized to use this feature. If you aren't authorized, the functionality isn't available in the client. For more information, see Configuring NICE DCV Authorization in the NICE DCV Administrator Guide. If you aren't authorized to save screenshots, the client also avoids the external tools that are running on your client computer to capture a screenshot of the NICE DCV client. Images that are obtained by these tools either show a black rectangle instead of the NICE DCV client window or only show the background desktop. This functionality is available only on Windows and macOS clients.

To save a screenshot
  1. Launch the client, and connect to the NICE DCV session.

  2. In the client, choose Session, Save a Screenshot.

            Save a screenshot option that's located on the native client toolbar.
  3. Choose a location and the name for the screenshot file.