Using a webcam - NICE DCV
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Using a webcam

With NICE DCV, you can use a webcam connected to your local client computer in a remote application that runs in a NICE DCV session. For each session, only one connected client can use a webcam at a time. This is especially important in environments where multiple clients connect to the same session.

Webcam functionality is supported with all NICE DCV clients. However, with the web browser client, webcam functionality is only supported with Chromium-based browsers, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It isn't supported on Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Webcam functionality is supported on Windows NICE DCV servers only. It's not supported on Linux NICE DCV servers.

You must be authorized to use this feature. If you are not authorized, the functionality is not available in the client. For more information, see Configuring NICE DCV Authorization in the NICE DCV Administrator Guide.

If you have multiple webcams connected to your local client computer, you can select the webcam that you want to use. The selected camera is used automatically when the webcam is enabled using the webcam toolbar icon.