Step 4: Verify that the base test lab is operational - Amazon Directory Service
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Step 4: Verify that the base test lab is operational

Use the following procedure to verify that the test lab has been set up successfully before adding on additional test lab guide modules. This procedure verifies that your Windows Server is configured appropriately, can connect to the domain, and be used to administer your Amazon Managed Microsoft AD forest.

To verify that the test lab is operational
  1. Sign out of the EC2 instance where you were logged in as the local administrator.

  2. Back in the Amazon EC2 console, choose Instances in the navigation pane. Then select the instance that you created. Choose Connect.

  3. In the Connect To Your Instance dialog box, choose Download Remote Desktop File.

  4. In the Windows Security dialog box, type your administrator credentials for the CORP domain to log in (for example, corp\admin).

  5. Once you are logged in, in the Start menu, under Windows Administrative Tools, choose Active Directory Users and Computers.

  6. You should see displayed with all the default OUs and accounts associated with a new domain. Under Domain Controllers, notice the names of the domain controllers that were automatically created when you created your Amazon Managed Microsoft AD back in Step 2 of this tutorial.

Congratulations! Your Amazon Managed Microsoft AD base test lab environment has now been configured. You are ready to begin adding the next test lab in the series.

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