Manage password policies for Amazon Managed Microsoft AD - Amazon Directory Service
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Manage password policies for Amazon Managed Microsoft AD

Amazon Managed Microsoft AD enables you to define and assign different fine-grained password and account lockout policies (also referred to as fine-grained password policies) for groups of users you manage in your Amazon Managed Microsoft AD domain. When you create an Amazon Managed Microsoft AD directory, a default domain policy is created and applied to the directory. This policy includes the following settings:

Policy Setting
Enforce password history 24 passwords remembered
Maximum password age 42 days *
Minimum password age 1 day
Minimum password length 7 characters
Password must meet complexity requirements Enabled
Store passwords using reversible encryption Disabled

* Note: The 42 day maximum password age includes the admin password.

For example, you can assign a less strict policy setting for employees that have access to low sensitivity information only. For senior managers who regularly access confidential information you can apply more strict settings.

Amazon provides a set of fine-grained password policies in Amazon Managed Microsoft AD that you can configure and assign to your groups. To configure the policies, you can use standard Microsoft policy tools such as Active Directory Administrative Center. To get started with the Microsoft policy tools, see Install the Active Directory Administration Tools for Amazon Managed Microsoft AD.

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