Use Case 5: Extend your on-premises AD to the Amazon Cloud - Amazon Directory Service
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Use Case 5: Extend your on-premises AD to the Amazon Cloud

If you already have an AD infrastructure and want to use it when migrating AD-aware workloads to the Amazon Cloud, Amazon Managed Microsoft AD can help. You can use AD trusts to connect Amazon Managed Microsoft AD to your existing AD. This means your users can access AD-aware and Amazon applications with their on-premises AD credentials, without needing you to synchronize users, groups, or passwords.

For example, your users can sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and Amazon WorkSpaces by using their existing AD user names and passwords. Also, when you use AD-aware applications such as SharePoint with Amazon Managed Microsoft AD, your logged-in Windows users can access these applications without needing to enter credentials again.

You can also migrate your on-premises Active Directory (AD) domain to Amazon to be free of the operational burden of your AD infrastructure using the Active Directory Migration Toolkit (ADMT) along with the Password Export Service (PES) to perform the migration.