Example DLAMI Uses - Deep Learning AMI
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Example DLAMI Uses

Learning about deep learning: The DLAMI is a great choice for learning or teaching machine learning and deep learning frameworks. It takes the headache away from troubleshooting the installations of each framework and getting them to play along on the same computer. The DLAMI comes with a Jupyter notebook and makes it easy to run the tutorials provided by the frameworks for people new to machine learning and deep learning.

App development: If you're an app developer and are interested in using deep learning to make your apps utilize the latest advances in AI, the DLAMI is the perfect test bed for you. Each framework comes with tutorials on how to get started with deep learning, and many of them have model zoos that make it easy to try out deep learning without having to create the neural networks yourself or to do any of the model training. Some examples show you how to build an image detection application in just a few minutes, or how to build a speech recognition app for your own chatbot.

Machine learning and data analytics: If you're a data scientist or interested in processing your data with deep learning, you'll find that many of the frameworks have support for R and Spark. You will find tutorials on how to do simple regressions, all the way up to building scalable data processing systems for personalization and predictions systems.

Research: If you're a researcher and want to try out a new framework, test out a new model, or train new models, the DLAMI and Amazon capabilities for scale can alleviate the pain of tedious installations and management of multiple training nodes.


While your initial choice might be to upgrade your instance type up to a larger instance with more GPUs (up to 8), you can also scale horizontally by creating a cluster of DLAMI instances. Check out Related Information for more information on cluster builds.