Oracle Advanced Queuing and MySQL Integration with Lambda - Oracle to Aurora MySQL Migration Playbook
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Oracle Advanced Queuing and MySQL Integration with Lambda

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Use Amazon Lambda and Amazon Simple Queue Service with Aurora MySQL.

Oracle Usage

The Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ) feature enables database-integrated message queuing functionality. It is based on Oracle Streams and optimizes data functions by storing messages, allocating the messages to different service queues, and transmitting the messages using Oracle Net Services, HTTP, and HTTPS. AQ is implemented using database tables.

Oracle provides the Java package as an interface to AQ. It contains the following items:

  • Classes:

    • AQDequeueOptions — Specifies the options for the dequeue operation.

    • AQEnqueueOptions — Specifies the options for the enqueue operation.

    • AQFactory — A factory class for AQ, which creates components such as agent or message properties.

    • AQNotificationEvent — New message notifications.

  • Interfaces:

    • AQAgent — An identity of a user, producer, or consumer of a message.

    • AQMessage — An enqueued or dequeued message.

    • AQMessageProperties — Message properties such as:

      • Correlation

      • Sender

      • Delay

      • Expiration

      • Recipients

      • Priority

      • Ordering

  • AQNotificationListener — A listener interface for receiving AQ notification events.

  • AQNotificationRegistration — A registration to be notified when a new message is enqueued on a particular queue.

For more information, see Introduction to Oracle Database Advanced Queuing in the Oracle documentation.

MySQL Usage

Aurora MySQL provides built-in integration with Lambda functions, which can be called from within the database and interact with Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS). The integration with Lambda functions provides a powerful framework for using Amazon services to implement custom solutions with less code.


For examples, see Amazon Simple Notification Service.

For more information, see Invoking a Lambda function with an Aurora MySQL native function in the User Guide for Aurora.