Step 6: Convert Database Schemas - Database Migration Guide
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Step 6: Convert Database Schemas

After you create a new Amazon SCT project, convert your source database schemas and apply converted code to your target database.

  1. In the tree in the left panel, choose your source dataset. Open the context (right-click) menu, and choose Convert schema.

  2. Choose Yes for the confirmation message. Amazon SCT then converts your schema to the target database format.

  3. Amazon SCT also generates the assessment report. This report includes database objects that require manual conversion. To view this report, choose View, and then choose Assessment report view.

  4. On the Action items tab, Amazon SCT provides you with the recommended actions for each conversion issue.

  5. Check the report and make changes in your source or converted code where necessary. You can optionally save the report as a .CSV or .PDF file for later analysis.

  6. Choose Action Items, and review any recommendations that you see.

  7. In the tree in the right panel, choose the converted schema. Open the context (right-click) menu, and choose Apply to database to apply the schema scripts to the target Amazon Redshift cluster.