Step 7: Install and Configure Data Extraction Agents - Database Migration Guide
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Step 7: Install and Configure Data Extraction Agents

Amazon SCT uses a data extraction agent to migrate data from BigQuery to Amazon Redshift. The .zip file that you downloaded to install Amazon SCT, includes the extraction agent installer file. In this walkthrough, we install the data extraction agent on Windows. However, you can install data extraction agents on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Ubuntu. For more information, see Installing extraction agents.

To install and configure a data extraction agent

  1. Find the aws-schema-conversion-tool-extractor-2.0.1.<version>.msi file in the agents folder. The number of the <version> in the file name depends on the version of Amazon SCT that you use. To migrate data from BigQuery to Amazon Redshift, make sure that you use an extraction agent version 665 or higher.

  2. Run the file.

  3. Choose Next, accept the terms of the License Agreement, and choose Next again.

  4. Enter the path to the folder where you want to install the data extraction agent, and choose Next.

  5. Choose Install.

  6. On Windows, the data extraction agent installer launches the configuration wizard in the command prompt window. On Linux, run the file from the location where you installed the agent.

  7. For Listening port, enter 8192. This is the default value. You can choose another port.

  8. For Add a source vendor, enter no. You don’t need to configure the data extraction agent to work with your BigQuery data warehouse because you don’t need a driver to connect to BigQuery.

  9. For Add the Amazon Redshift driver, enter yes and then enter the path to the Amazon Redshift JDBC driver that you downloaded in Step 4.

  10. For Working folder, enter the folder where the data extraction agent can store its data. Choose the project folder and make sure that you don’t need admin rights to write data to this folder.

  11. For Enable SSL communication, enter no. Then enter yes to confirm your choice. In this walkthrough, we don’t use SSL to connect to databases. If you use SSL, configure the agent.