Amazon DMS Ongoing Replication - Database Migration Guide
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Amazon DMS Ongoing Replication

To configure the ongoing replication in Amazon DMS, enter the native start point for MySQL, which you have retrieved at the end of the full load process as described for each tool. The native start point will be similar to mysql-bin-changelog.000024:373.

In the Create database migration task page, follow these three steps to create the migration task.

  1. For Migration type, choose Replicate ongoing changes.

  2. Under CDC start mode for source transactions, choose Enable custom CDC start mode.

  3. Under Custom CDC start point, paste the native start point you saved earlier.

For more information, see Creating tasks for ongoing replication and Migrate from MySQL to Amazon RDS.


The Amazon DMS CDC replication uses plain SQL statements from the binary log to apply data changes in the target database. Therefore, it is slower and more resource-intensive than the native Primary/Replica binary log replication in MySQL. For more information, see Replication with a MySQL or MariaDB instance running external to Amazon RDS.

You should always remove triggers from the target during the Amazon DMS CDC replication. For example, the following command generates the script to remove triggers.

# In case required to generate drop triggers script
SELECT Concat('DROP TRIGGER ', Trigger_Name, ';') FROM information_schema.TRIGGERS WHERE TRIGGER_SCHEMA not in ('sys','mysql');