Performance Comparison - Database Migration Guide
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Performance Comparison

We analyzed the Oracle Export/Import, Oracle Data Pump, database link, and SQL*Loader tools for their performance in a full load migration. We populated the sporting_event_ticket table with 10 GB of data to use as a test environment.

We expect the similar trend for larger data sets too. We didn’t include Oracle materialized views or SQL Developer database copy because those tools aren’t recommended for data sets larger than 1 GB.

            Performance comparison of Oracle Export/Import
  • 18:08 minutes is the total elapsed time for Oracle Data Pump. This time includes:

    • 3:07 minutes to unload data and metadata using expdp.

    • 2:00 minutes to upload the data dump to Amazon S3 from Amazon EC2.

    • 3:01 minutes to download the data dump to Amazon RDS instance.

    • 7:00 Minutes to load data and metadata into Amazon RDS using impdp.

  • 22 minutes is the total elapsed time for Oracle SQL*Loader. This time includes:

    • 15 minutes to unload data.

    • 7 minutes to load data into the target using direct=y.

  • 29 minutes is the total elapsed time for database link.

  • 52 minutes is the total elapsed time for Oracle Export/Import. This time includes:

    • 14 minutes to unload data using exp.

    • 38 minutes to load data using imp.