Full Load - Database Migration Guide
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Full Load

The full load migration phase populates the target database with a copy of the source data. This chapter describes the following native methods to help you choose the one that best matches your migration scenario.

  • pg_dump and pg_restore

  • Publisher and Subscriber

  • pglogical

We recommend that you begin by reviewing the following table to understand the tools suitable for your use case.

Method Supported versions Support of metadata migration Suitable database sizes Performance

pg_dump and pg_restore

All versions of PostgreSQL


100 GB or less


Publisher and Subscriber

PostgreSQL 10.0 and higher


Any size



PostgreSQL 9.4 and higher


Any size


The suitable database sizes provided in the preceding table are the Amazon DMS recommendations. These recommendations are based on customer migration experiences and aren’t the limitation of the native tools.

For more information about the performance of these tools, see Performance Comparison.