Ongoing Replication - Database Migration Guide
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Ongoing Replication

After you complete the full load, make sure that you perform ongoing replication using Amazon DMS to keep the source and target databases in sync. To configure the ongoing replication task, open the Database Migration Service console. On the Create database migration task page, follow these steps to create a migration task.

  1. For Migration type, choose Replicate ongoing changes.

  2. Under CDC start mode for source transactions, choose Enable custom CDC start mode.

  3. Under Custom CDC start point, paste the native start point you captured when you prepared for ongoing replication. For more information, see Preparing for Ongoing Replication.


    PostgreSQL as a source doesn’t support a custom CDC start time. This is because the PostgreSQL database engine doesn’t have a way to map a timestamp to an LSN or SCN as Oracle and SQL Server do.

For more information, see Creating tasks for ongoing replication and Migrate from PostgreSQL to Amazon RDS.