Create a migration task - Database Migration Guide
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Create a migration task

We’ve now verified that the replication instance can connect to both the source and target endpoints. The next step is to create a database migration task.

  1. On the navigation pane, choose Database Migration Tasks.

  2. Choose Create Task. Provide the specified values for the following, and then choose Next:

    • Task identifiermaria-mysql

    • Replication instance – Choose the replication instance, mariadb-mysql.

    • Source database endpoint – Choose the source database, maria-on-prem.

    • Target database endpoint – Choose the target database, mysqltrg-rds.

    • Migration Type – Choose Migrate existing data and replicate ongoing changes for CDC, or Migrate existing data for full load.

  3. For Task settings, choose the following settings:

    • Target table preparation mode – Do nothing

    • Stop task after full load completes – Don’t stop

    • Include LOB columns in replication – Limited LOB mode

    • Maximum LOB size (KB) – 32

    • Enable validation

    • Enable CloudWatch logs

  4. For Table mappings, choose the following settings:

    • Schema – Choose migration (assuming the schema and database to be migrated appear correctly).

    • Table name – Enter the table name, or % to specify all the tables in the database.

    • Action – Enter Include to include specific tables, or Exclude to exclude specific tables.

  5. Choose Create Task.

Your new Amazon DMS migration task reads the data from the tables in the MariaDB source and migrates your data to the Aurora MySQL target.