Set up an Amazon DMS replication instance - Database Migration Guide
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Set up an Amazon DMS replication instance

To provision an Amazon DMS replication instance, download the DMS_CF.yaml template.

  1. On the Amazon Web Services Management Console, under Services, choose CloudFormation.

  2. Choose Create stack.

  3. For Specify template, choose Upload a template file.

  4. Select Choose File.

  5. Choose the DMS_CF.yaml file.

  6. Choose Next.

  7. On the Specify Stack Details page, edit the predefined values as needed, and then choose Next:

    • Stack name — Enter a name for the stack.

    • AllocatedStorageSize — Enter the storage size in GB. The default is 200 GB.

    • DMSReplicationSubnetGroup — Enter the subnet group for DMS replication.

    • DMSSecurityGroup — Enter the security group for DMS replication.

    • InstanceType — Enter the instance type.

    • SourceDBPort — Enter the source database port.

    • SourceDatabaseName — Enter the source database name.

    • SourceServerName — Enter the IP address of the source database server.

    • SourceUsername — Enter the source database user name.

    • SourcePassword — Enter the source database password.

    • TargetDBPort — Enter the target database port.

    • TargetDatabaseName — Enter the target database name.

    • TargetServerName — Enter the IP address of the target database server.

    • TargetUsername — Enter the target database user name.

    • TargetPassword — Enter the target database password.

  8. On the Configure stack options page, for Tags, specify any optional tags, and then choose Next.

  9. On the Review page, choose I acknowledge that Amazon CloudFormation might create IAM resources.

  10. Choose Create Stack.

This Amazon CloudFormation template creates a replication instance named mariadb-mysql. This replication instance has a source endpoint named maria-on-prem and a target endpoint named mysqltrg-rds. This target endpoint has extra connection attributes to disable foreign key constraint checks during the Amazon DMS replication, as shown following.

ExtraConnectionAttributes : "initstmt=SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0;parallelLoadThreads=1"